Your Dedicated Buyer’s Agent for Italy

You want to buy your Italian dream house but you honestly don’t know where to begin and how to start?

What about the legendary Italian bureaucracy, language problems, insecurity…?

Stop worrying & let us help you! After living more than 13 years in Italy we understand and speak Italian and have certainly enough experience as a consultants and recognized real estate agents to know all the problems you can meet on your way and even better, how to avoid or resolve them.

We’ve renovated an old typical farmhouse into an agriturismo with 4 modern apartments and a lavenderfarm. To be able to achieve this we struggled with administration, permits, contracters, deadlines, etc…. but we managed, and after only one year we were ready to receive our first guests ! After 13 beautiful years in the Piedmontese hills we moved to the coast of Le Marche where we work full time as buyer’s agent.

So, you want to fullfil your Italian dream too? It’s possible with the right help and advice!

The combination of Nicolas law degree in Belgium and our real estate experience in Italy makes us the right team to assist you to make your Italian dream come true as well. All this fair, objective and informative. No daydreams, no commercial promises, no hidden agendas, just concrete information based on facts, laws and rules and the Italian customs and way of life so you will be fully prepared to recognize the opportunity when it knocks at your door and take your luck at that precise moment to live your own Italian dream!

And believe me, once everything is settled and you relax on your porch, enjoying a perfect view and a glass of wine, you’ll agree that it was all worth it, La Bella Italia welcomes & encourages enthusiastic and enterprising people.

Don’t hesitate, just do it! and let us guide you to take these important steps with the appropriate and necessary peace of mind.

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We’re not a typical Italian real estate agency because we always work for the buyer alone and not both parties.

Instead of asking 3 – 4% commission to each party (seller and buyer), we only ask the buyer an hourly rate of 50 euros for the work we do as real estate consultant (starting from the first contact where you decide if you want to work with us or not) + a commission of 10% on the difference between the asking price and the price you pay for the property with a minimum of 1% and an absolute minimum of 2000 euros (for example : if you buy a house for 360 000 euro instead of the 400 000 euro that were asked, you win 40 000 euros and we get 10% of this, which is 4 000 euro.).

For us, our method seems more logical as you will have the security we’re as motivated as you are to get the price as low as possible. And it is also more motivating to work for clients that are really serious because they pay us from the beginning, so for them our method is only interesting if they end up buying a house, otherwise they have thrown their money away for nothing.

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As licensed real estate agents and consultants, we are here to assist you in the buying process and help you find the home of your dreams.

Whether you’re looking for a house with a sea view, a traditional stone cottage, an authentic home in a small village, a country house nestled in the green hills, or a brand new apartment on the coast, with or without a pool, we can guide you in your search.

We are fluent in English, Italian, French, and Dutch. Nicolas brings his expertise with a law degree and 8 years of experience as a lawyer in Belgium. Natascha has a background in psychology and spent 13 years running an agriturismo. Marissa has a marketing and hospitality background.

If you’re ready to live your Italian dream in your own home, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We’re here to help.

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